Points on the Flag: Week 13

Points on the Flag: Week 13
The top Canadian performances from last week’s rematches.

11. Adam Konar, WLB, Edmonton Eskimos (Calgary)
Stats: 3 Defensive Tackles, 1 Special Teams’ Tackle, 1 Forced Fumble
Konar finally made an impact returning from injury, looking crisp on defence and forcing a key special teams’ turnover that helped his team eke out a win over the league leaders.

10. Brad Erdos, RG, Calgary Stampeders (Simon Fraser)
Stats: 101 Team Rushing Yards, No Sacks Allowed
The Stamps may have lost but Erdos helped keep his quarterback clean all night and his second level block on JC Sherritt to spring Romar Morris’ big run was absolute teaching tape.

9. Jordan Herdman, WLB, BC Lions (Simon Fraser)
Stats: 3 Defensive Tackles, 3 Special Teams’ Tackles
Rotating with other talented Canadian Bo Lokombo, Herdman had a true Canadian performance by contributing on both defence and special teams.

8. Drew Wolitarsky, WR, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Minnesota)
Stats: 5 Receptions, 67 Yards, 1 Defensive Tackle
Wolitarsky late season resurgence has been a rare bright spot for a struggling Bombers team. He continues to be a key outlet for whichever quarterback is in.

7. Anthony Thompson, S, BC Lions (Southern Illinois)
Stats: 3 Defensive Tackles, 1 Interception
Thompson may have had only one pick, but he dropped two others and was a big part of a key Lions win.

6. Brad Sinopoli, SB, Ottawa Redblacks (Ottawa)
Stats: 6 Receptions, 68 Yards, 1 Touchdown
Sinopoli was his usual consistent self even while his team struggled around him.

5. Llevi Noel, SB, Toronto Argonauts (Windsor AKO Fratmen)
Stats: 4 Receptions, 53 Yards, 2 Special Teams’ Tackles
Levi Noel did the same thing he always does, make a couple nice catches and continue being a special teams’ demon.

4. Daniel Petermann, SB, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (McMaster)
Stats: 4 Receptions, 67 Yards, 1 Touchdown
The rookie hauled in his first career touchdown and looked crisp filling in for injured American Bomber receivers.

3. Alex Singleton, MLB, Calgary Stampeders (Montana State)
Stats: 8 Defensive Tackles, 1 Fumble Recovery
Singleton did his best to hold together his defence in their first poor performance of the season, continuously battling the whole game and completely shutting down the run game.

2. Lemar Durant, WR, Calgary Stampeders (Simon Fraser)
Stats: 5 Receptions, 79 Yards, 1 Defensive Tackle
Perhaps the biggest component to Calgary’s almost comeback was Lemar Durant. He made a couple spectacular catches in the waning moments that had Eskimos fans sweating.

1. Brett Lauther, K, Saskatchewan Roughriders (Saint Mary’s)
Stats: 6/6 Field Goals Made, 45 Yard Longest, 5 Kickoffs, 66 Yard Average
Lauther has been consistent all year and stepped up to be the Riders top offensive weapon once again. His leg is the top reason that they won the Banjo Bowl.

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