Points on the Flag: Week 8

Points on the Flag: Week 8
Andrew Harris was on a bye week so it gave some other Canadians a chance to shine. All 11 of our top performers certainly did better than Johnny Manziel in Week 8.

11. Brendan Gillanders, RB, Ottawa Redblacks (Ottawa)
Stats: 1 Carry, 3 Yards, 3 Receptions, 39 Yards, 2 Point Convert
It was a true Canadian performance for Gillanders, chipping in on offence and delivering a 2 point convert while making key blocks on special teams to spring Deontae Spencer for a punt return touchdown.

10. Llevi Noel, WR, Toronto Argonauts (Windsor AKO Fratmen)
Stats: 4 Receptions, 47 Yards, 2 Kick Off Returns, 41 Yards, 1 Special Teams’ Tackles
Another well rounded performance for the special teams’ demon Llevi Noel. He provided some key catches on offence, helped in the return game and added a special teams’ tackle to boot.

9. Chris Ackie, WLB, Montreal Alouettes (Wilfrid Laurier)
Stats: 6 Defensive Tackles
Ackie’s speed been a real advantage from the Will linebacker position all season and even in a lopsided loss he still manages to cover the field from sideline to sideline. The Alouettes have few bright spots but Ackie is one consistently, week in and week out.

8. Michael Daly, S, Hamilton Tiger Cats (McMaster)
Stats: 3 Defensive Tackles, 1 Interception
As a young safety at McMaster, Mike Daly could only have dreamed of picking off the Heisman trophy winner. He did just that this weekend, swooping in on a Johnny Manziel throw.

7. Cleyon Laing, DT, Toronto Argonauts (Iowa State)
Stats: 5 Defensive Tackles
While the Argonauts struggled to gain edge pressure against Ottawa, Cleyon Laing was a monster inside. He swallowed up William Powell in the run game and collapsed the pocket, consistently getting Trevor Harris off his spot. His effort was key to an Argo comeback.

6. Chris Van Zeyl, RT, Toronto Argonauts (McMaster)
Stats: No Sacks Allowed in Comeback Victory
With an inexperienced quarterback behind him, Van Zeyl picked up a lot of the slack. He kept Bethel-Thompson clean all game long, allowing his pivot time to find a rhythm and lead an impressive comeback.

5. Lemar Durant, WR, Calgary Stampeders (Simon Fraser)
Stats: 5 Receptions, 53 Yards
The Calgary offence ran through Kamar Jorden last week but Lemar Durant quietly played a key role. He gained a number of key first downs and made the most of an opportunity in the starting lineup.

4. Sean Thomas-Erlington, RB, Hamilton Tiger Cats (Montreal)
Stats: 4 Carries, 40 Yards, 1 Special Teams’ Touchdown
Sean Thomas-Erlington has gotten his share of opportunity this season and he has consistently delivered. Against Montreal, he was good for a first down every time he touched the football and took a blocked punt to the house for a score on special teams.

3. Bo Lokombo, WLB, BC Lions (Oregon)
Stats: 5 Defensive Tackles, 2 Special Teams’ Tackles
Lokombo flies around the football field like few other players and has managed to make plays both on defence and special teams. He has truly proved to be a ratio-breaking talent since returning from the NFL.

2. Brad Sinopoli, SB, Ottawa Redblacks (Ottawa)
Stats: 7 Receptions, 89 Yards, 1 Touchdown
Sinopoli continues to be the engine that drives the Ottawa offence and he never seems to drop a ball thrown towards him. He made a spectacular one-handed catch and added yet another touchdown to an impressive season.

1. Alex Singleton, MLB, Calgary Stampeders (Montana State)
Stats: 6 Defensive Tackles
Alex Singleton is the league’s best linebacker and an absolute joy to watch. When he stepped into the hole and stonewalled Travon Van on a crucial 3rd down, he single handedly crushed every remaining BC Lions’ hope of winning.

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