Points on the Flag: Week 7

Points on the Flag: Week 7
Johnny who? Check out the top 11 Canadians who actually made an impact in the CFL Week 7, one for every point on the Canadian Maple Leaf.

11. Charlie Power, FB, Calgary Stampeders (Saskatchewan)
Stats: 3 Special Teams’ Tackles
It was an impressive special teams’ for Charlie Power, as he was noticeable every time he took the field. Its important to recognize every aspect of the game and Power absolutely popped off the tape.

10. Taylor Loffler, S, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (UBC)
Stats: 6 Defensive Tackles
Its been a bit of a down year for the hammer in the Bombers’ secondary but he managed to rack up 6 defensive tackles in a dominant defensive performance by his whole secondary. Loffler’s hard hitting reputation has an impact on how offences play the game and you could see that versus the Argos.

9. Ted Laurent, DT, Hamilton Tiger Cats (Mississippi)
Stats: 2 Defensive Tackles, 1 Sack
The big man in the middle continues to work for Hamilton and seemed to be the lone player able to generate pressure against Ottawa and helped keep William Powell under the century mark.

8. Andrew Harris, RB, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Vancouver Island Raiders)
Stats: 10 Carries, 28 Yards, 5 Receptions, 50 Yards
It was an off week on the ground for Harris but he picked up his contributions through the air, proving that its nearly impossible to shut him down entirely.

7. Brett Lauther, K, Saskatchewan Roughriders (Saint Mary’s)
Stats: 5/5 Field Goals Made, 56 Yard Longest, 2 Kick Offs, 62.5 Yard Average
Saskatchewan’s dip and dunk offence was anemic but Brett Lauther picked up the slack in a big way. He was perfect in the kicking game, including a whopping 56 yard bomb.

6. Alex Singleton, MLB, Calgary Stampeders (Montana State)
Stats: 7 Defensive Tackles
Saskatchewan tried the short game against Calgary but they played right into Alex Singleton’s hands. He contained the run game and silenced the quick screens from sideline to sideline.

5. Josh Woodman, S, Edmonton Eskimos (Western)
Stats: 3 Defensive Tackles, 2 Special Teams’ Tackles, 1 Sack
Woodman took a ton of reps in the Eskimos secondary and delivered both there and on special teams. A truly great Canadian performance effects the game in multiple ways and Woodman stepped up big time.

4. Brad Sinopoli, SB, Ottawa Redblacks (Ottawa)
Stats: 9 Receptions, 82 Yards
Sinopoli continues to catch balls at a blazing pace and while only 82 yards might ridiculously be considered an off day for the reliable receiver, he continues to be the center of Ottawa’s offence.

3. Kwaku Boateng, DE, Edmonton Eskimos (Wilfrid Laurier)
Stats: 3 Defensive Tackles, 3 Sacks
Back from injury, Kwaku Boateng was hungry to make up for lost time. He did just that by racking up three sacks and generating continuous pressure off the edge all game long.

2. Nic Demski, SB, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Manitoba)
Stats: 3 Carries, 34 Yards, 5 Receptions, 82 Yards, 2 Touchdowns
It was a breakout performance for the dynamic Winnipeg native. He was a threat on the ground and dangerous through the air, torching the Toronto defence for two scores. His role in Paul LaPolice’s offence continues to evolve and is a pressure to watch.

1. Lewis Ward, K, Ottawa Redblacks (Ottawa)
Stats: 7/7 Field Goals Made, 47 Yard Longest
How does a kicker become the top Canadian performer in a week? Simple, just be your teams entire offence. Lewis Ward single handily won the game for Ottawa and scored all 21 of their points in a clutch performance for the ages.

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