Points on the Flag: Week 6

Points on the Flag: Week 6
It’s been a week of exciting trades in the CFL, but that shouldn’t distract from some of the incredible performances by Canadian talent. Here are the top 11, one for each point on the Canadian Maple Leaf.

11. Llevi Noel, SB, Toronto Argonauts (Windsor AKO Fratmen)
Stats: 3 Receptions, 16 Yards, 1 Fumble Recovery, 1 Special Teams’ Touchdown
While it may not have been a landmark receiving day for Noel, his special team’s play provided a rare spark for the Argonauts. While Noel is well known for his exploits as a gunner, he showed incredible reaction and quick thinking to pick up a fumbled kick and sprint it to the house.

10. Brendon LaBatte, LG, Saskatchewan Roughriders (Regina)
Stats: Blocked for 218 Team Rushing Yards, Battled Through Injury
The Riders had an admirable day on the ground and both Dan Clark and Dariusz Bladek deserve credit for it, but none of it would have been possible had Brendon LaBatte not battled through a painful knee injury to stay on the field. The Riders didn’t have any other O-linemen and LaBatte was tough as nails in doing what needed to be done for his team.

9. Lewis Ward, K, Ottawa Redblacks (Ottawa)
Stats: 5/5 Field Goals Made, 47 Yard Longest, 100% Accuracy
Lewis Ward may be small but he has a big time leg. His five field goals kept Ottawa in a tight game and ultimately placed them in position to win. A remarkable performance from the young kicker.

8. Jerome Messam, RB, Saskatchewan Roughriders (Graceland)
Stats: 15 Carries, 70 Yards
Messam has been quiet for several weeks but was the key grinder in the Riders run game last week. He continues to gain hard yards when called upon and open up opportunities for Saskatchewan’s home-run threats.

7. Henoc Muamba, MLB, Montreal Alouettes (St. Francis Xavier)
Stats: 8 Defensive Tackles
The Alouettes had a surprisingly good defensive performance versus Calgary and Muamba was the key stalwart in the middle. He kept Don Jackson mainly silent on the ground and racked up 8 tackles in the process.

6. Alex Singleton, MLB, Calgary Stampeders (Montana State)
Stats: 7 Defensive Tackles, 1 Special Teams’ Tackle
Singleton continues to make spectacular ordinary. He was all over the field yet again in a complete stifling of the Alouettes offence. His hit on Mathew Shiltz to force an interception was absolutely soul crushing.

5. Antoine Pruneau, S, Ottawa Redblacks (Montreal)
Stats: 6 Defensive Tackles, 1 Special Teams’ Tackle, 1 Forced Fumble
Pruneau is an incredibly technical player and his key forced fumble was an absolute textbook tackle. He was a noticeable player all day long, more effective than Ottawa’s linebackers in the run game and key to keeping them in it.

4. Jermaine Gabriel, S, Toronto Argonauts (Calgary Colts)
Stats: 8 Defensive Tackles, 1 Fumble Recovery, 1 Defensive Touchdown
Jermaine Gabriel racked up tackles in a desperate attempt to keep Toronto competitive against the surging tide of the Winnipeg Blue Bomber. His long fumble return for a touchdown was a rare bright spot for the Argos on a dismal day.

3. Jordan Herdman, MLB, BC Lions (Simon Fraser)
Stats: 12 Defensive Tackles
For a player who some speculated would be too slow to even contribute on special teams, Jordan Herdman sure looked like a stud in his first career defensive start. He was in on almost every play and kept William Powell contained in the run game for most of the night.

2. Brad Sinopoli, SB, Ottawa Redblacks (Ottawa)
Stats: 11 Receptions, 171 Yards, 1 Touchdown
It was a career day in almost every way for Sinopoli and there was long stretches in which he appeared to be Ottawa’s entire offence. He seemingly willed the Redblacks forward towards the endzone and deserves a huge amount of credit for the victory.

1. Andrew Harris, RB, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Vancouver Island Raiders)
Stats: 27 Carries, 161 Yards, 2 Receptions, 16 Yards, 2 Touchdowns
Harris continues to be the most unspectacular spectacular player in league history. He grinds forward five yards at a time and completely consumes games. It was a career high last week on the ground for Harris, but just another on the long list of spectacular performances in his career.

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