2018 CFL Draft Prospect Rankings: Top 20 Receivers

One of the most important positions for both Canadian starters and depth, receivers are up next in my positional rankings and boy is it a deep class!

2018 CFL Draft Prospect Rankings
Top 20 RECs

1. Mark Chapman, Central Michigan Chippewas
Hometown: Port Huron, MI (US)
Ht: 5’11.6 Wt: 180 lbs

mark chapman
Head and shoulders above the rest of the receiving class. A crisp route runner who can make difficult catches downfield and turn short routes in to big time games. Chapman is pro ready and will make an immediate impact to the team that drafts him. Should be the favourite to go first overall.


2. Dan Petermann, McMaster Marauders
Hometown: Stoney Creek, ON
Ht: 5’11” Wt: 205 lbs

dan petermann
Despite possessing the fastest forty time in this year’s draft, Petermann is far more than a one trick pony who can stretch a defence. He has been a steady contributor throughout his time at McMaster and has the ability to run the whole route tree, playing multiple roles in an offence when asked to. Should develop into a solid receiver in the league.


3. Rashaun Simonise, Okanagan Sun (Calgary Dinos)
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Ht: 6’4.8” Wt: 202 lbs

rashaun simonise
A pro-style body type with blazing fast game speed, Simonise should be the top receiver in the draft except for the questions surrounding him. Leaving school a year early due to academic ineligibility, Simonise played Arena Football then caught on with the Cincinnati Bengals. He would have made an NFL roster had he not tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, deferring his CFL draft year in the process. He then had an unsuccessful year in the BCFC where he was reportedly unfocused. Simonise has to notch tools but will require structure to reach his potential.


4. Justin Buren, Simon Fraser Clan
Hometown: Coquitlam, BC
Ht: 6’0.4” Wt: 198 lbs

Simon Fraser University - Dixie State University GNAC NCAA football
Limited by playing on a bad team with poor quarterback play, Buren could be a starting receiver in the CFL. He runs clean routes and routinely makes difficult catches, possessing an uncanny knack to contort his body in mid air. One of the most underrated players in the whole draft.


5. Regis Cibasu, Montreal Carabins
Hometown: Kinshasa, Congo
Ht: 6’3” Wt: 233 lbs

regis cibasu
A physical, big bodied receiver, Cibasu body type is not fully suited to the CFL but his skill is apparent on tape. He’ll have to make a bigger impact as a blocker in the pro level than he did in college, but if he does that he may earn the opportunity to showcase his surprising athleticism and soft hands.


6. Etienne Moisan, Laval Rouge et Or
Hometown: St. Eustache, PQ
Ht: 6’0.1” Wt: 216 lbs

etienne moisan
A potential convert to the H-Back position in the CFL, Moisan is an impact blocker in the run game and has the ability to run routes in tight areas. The type of player that teams are built on and could contribute in multiple facets like a Patrick Lavoie.


7. Tyrone Pierre, Laval Rouge et Or
Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Ht: 6’2” Wt: 201 lbs

tyrone pierre
Extremely athletic with good height for a Canadian receiver, teams will look for Pierre to contribute more than he did in Laval’s by committee offence. Can high point the ball and make big plays as well as any receiver in this draft.


8. Marco Dubois, Laval Rouge et Or
Hometown: LaSalle, PQ
Ht: 6’3.9” Wt: 217 lbs

marco dubois
Likely a better receiver in reality than he was able to show at Laval, Dubois’ true value is as a special teamer. A captain at Laval, Dubois has perfected the art of kick coverage and has a body as big as many defensive players. This makes him an ideal fit for any team looking for a depth receiver who can contribute on special teams on day one.


9. Mitch O’Connor, McMaster Marauders
Hometown: Kingston, ON
Ht: 6’0.4” Wt: 194 lbs

mitch o'connor
The true jack of all trades that CFL teams look for. He is a talented receiver with sticky hands and room to develop, dynamic blocking and cover ability on special teams, punted perhaps the greatest onside punt for touchdown in history and even showed the unique ability to block a punt with a spinning kick. Will be a key depth addition for whichever team drafts him.


10. Will Watson, UBC Thunderbirds
Hometown: Surrey, BC
Ht: 5’11.1” Wt: 183 lbs

will watson
Never the biggest player on the field but always the most clutch performer. Lost last season to injury, but showed in the past that he could be one of the strongest receivers in the draft. Runs efficient routes and is best used in the tough areas over the middle. One of the most underrated players in the draft.


11. Simon Gingras-Gagnon, Laval Rouge et Or
Hometown: Quebec City, PQ
Ht: 6’0.1” Wt: 215 lbs

simon gingras gagnon
Another potential H-Back from Laval, Gingras-Gagnon excels on special teams and as a blocker. Not as explosive as his teammate higher on this list but a great CFL depth piece nonetheless. His 25 reps on the bench prove him to be the strongest receiver in this draft.


12. Matteo Del Brocco, Queen’s Gaels
Hometown: Leamington, ON
Ht: 5’11.9” Wt: 196.8 lbs

matteo del brocco
Rarely talked about but put together a strong senior season for Queen’s. Possessing a slotback’s body type and soft hands, Del Brocco has the uncanny ability to get lost in the endzone and find open space. Could be a solid late round pick.


13. Marcus Davis, UBC Thunderbirds
Hometown: Victoria, BC
Ht: 5’9” Wt: 185 lbs

marcus davis
An absolutely electric returner and a sneaky receiver, its hard to ignore Davis despite the fact that he possesses less than ideal size. Off the radar due to losing a year to injury, Davis could impact a team in an Anthony Coombs type role. Injury and size concerns may cause him to go undrafted, but that would be a travesty to ignore such a dynamic playmaker.


14. Richmond Nketiah, Waterloo Warriors
Hometown: Brampton, ON
Ht: 5’11.9” Wt: 195.4 lbs

richmond nketiah
A talented route runner who can stop and redirect on a dime, Nketiah makes teams pay with sticky hands. Listed as a RB, Nketiah is simply too explosive a playmaker to waste at H-Back. Could be a steal if a team takes a chance on him.


15. Harry McMaster, Western Mustangs
Hometown: Niagra Falls, ON
Ht: 6’1.4” Wt: 191 lbs

harry mcmaster
Well below average tester, but a sure handed steady receiver that plays above his athletic ability. Has peaked the interest of scouts and may continue to surprise going forward if he can carve out a special teams niche .


16. Guillaume Paquet, Montreal Carabins
Hometown: Montreal, PQ
Ht: 5’10.2” Wt: 187 lbs

guillaume paquet
A dynamic offensive playmaker in Montreal, Paquet tested surprisingly poorly but may benefit from the interest in Cibasu. He routinely makes tough catches down the field and along the sidelines, but will have to prove special teams ability to get a shot.


17. Dashaun Smellie, Bishop’s Gaiters
Hometown: Mississauga, ON
Ht: 6’2” Wt: 214 lbs

dashaun smellie
A big bodied receiver like CFL teams love, with equally strong hands and blocking ability. Not a game-breaker but a solid depth piece and special teamer.


18. Archelaus Jack, Saint Mary’s Huskies
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Ht: 6’2.2” Wt: 200 lbs

archelaus jack
Big bodied with controversy and previous CFL experience under his belt, Jack uses his frame to box out smaller defenders. However, he may not be strong enough for his tactics to work outside the AUS and I just don’t see him as a top tier receiver.


19. Mitch Thompson, Regina Rams
Hometown: Regina, SK
Ht: 5’9.9” Wt: 188 lbs

mitch thompson
Showing some explosive combine numbers for his size, Thompson has laboured through injuries and behind top flight players like Mitch Picton in Regina. He is more talented than the numbers may suggest and could merit a late round flyer.


20. Antony Dufour, Laval Rouge et Or
Hometown: Quebec City, PQ
Ht: 5’11.2” Wt: 187 lbs

antony dufour
The fifth Laval receiver on this list, ridiculous I know, Dufour may be the most dynamic with the ball in his hands. Specializing as a kick returner for the Rouge et Or, Dufour has the ability to make people miss while still possessing the combination of speed and strength that put so many Laval receivers on this list.

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