2017 CFL Draft Prospects: DBs

These rankings are assembled by combining my own subjective personal grade of each players on field talent, as seen on tape and in Combine 1-on-1, with a percentage grade of how high or below average their testing scores were based on position. The players are then ranked from highest to lowest.

Top 10 DBs in the 2017 Draft Class

1.       Robert Woodson, Calgary:


Impossible to throw at. Could be a shut down halfback or a roaming safety at the next level. The rare USports defensive back who could start as a pure cover man at the next level.

2.       Dondre Wright, Henderson State:


A physical player who could play as a safety or SAM linebacker if needed. Uses leverage to take on blockers. A little handsy in coverage but can be coached.

3.       Tunde Adeleke, Carleton:


Crazy fast and elusive. Good in coverage but a mesmerizing kick returner. Provides a ton of value for whichever team drafts him.

4.       Harland Hastings, Acadia:


A well-rounded prospect who does a lot of things well. Lack of quality receivers in AUS may hide some deficiencies but has the floor of a great special teamer.

5.       Adam Laurensse, Calgary:


Exceptional in coverage. Fantastic make-up speed . Often over-shadowed by his teammate Robert Woodson but proved his worth in 1-on-1s.

6.       Jordan Hoover, Waterloo:


Incredible athlete with fantastic hands. Extremely explosive in testing. Will be an exceptional special teams’ player.

7.       Nathaniel Hamlin, Carleton:


Good in coverage but possesses excellent closing speed. A fantastic athlete who will make him an instant contributor in kick coverage.

8.       Jesse McNair, Western:


Ferocious hitter over the middle. Anticipates throws very well. Could become a good safety at the CFL level.

9.       Richard Gillespie, Toronto:


Strong and explosive but slow laterally. Raw and uncontrolled in coverage.

10.   Ben Megarry, McMaster:


A strong defensive back who will contribute on special teams.

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