2017 CFL Draft Prospect Rankings: RECs

These rankings are assembled by combining my own subjective personal grade of each players on field talent, as seen on tape and in Combine 1-on-1, with a percentage grade of how high or below average their testing scores were based on position. The players are then ranked from highest to lowest. Normally I make a top 10 list but the receiver class is too good to exclude some of those in the double digits, hence a top 15.

Top 15 RECs in the 2017 CFL Draft

1.       Nate Behar, Carleton:


A physical specimen. Will instantly be a double digit tackler in kick coverage, like Llevi Noel last year. Project as a very good Canadian receiver who can play multiple spots but will need at least a year. Brings complete value to your team, offensively, on specials and as a great character guy.

2.       Anthony Auclair, Laval:


NFL bound tight end who has insanely good testing numbers. Probably won’t come north for a while but if he does will be a unique player. Think Patrick Lavoie in Ottawa, moving from fullback to tight end, to slot interchangeably, but with game breaking ability.

3.       Danny Vandevoort, McMaster:


The best pure receiver in this class. Miles above the competition in terms of hands and route running and showed it in 1-on1s. Could be a starting slot this year in my opinion. Still not convinced of his special teams value which places him below Behar here though I’d draft him first.

4.       Mitchell Picton, Regina:


My favourite receiver in the draft. Shades of Jason Clermont. A physical possession slot who high points the ball and thrives in the middle. Will put up big numbers in the CFL once he cracks a starting lineup.

5.       Alex Morrison, UBC:


Well rounded receiver who remains a bit of a mystery due to a year long injury. Showed great hands in 1-on-1s, especially coming off an arm injury that still prevented him from benching. Not a game breaker but a fantastic outlet receiver that can move around an offence.

6.       Malcolm Carter, Ottawa Sooners:


6’6” with an insane 40” vertical, just throw the ball up and watch him get it. Unpolished and as raw as they come but could be a tremendous steal that develops into a starting Z receiver in 2-3 years. Was the second best receiver in 1-on-1s to Vandervoort.

7.       Julan Lynch, Saskatchewan:


Big, strong receiver who impressed with great tests and solid 1-on-1s. Hands are not as natural as some other receivers but has huge potential. Should be a solid special teamer.

8.       Austen Hartley, Calgary:


Prototypical CFL slotback. 40 time would have been second fastest at the National Combine. Jumps off the screen on film, blazing past defenders and being aggressive to balls. Could see him starting at the next level eventually.

9.       Jacob Scarfone, Guelph:


6’1”, 200 lbs slotback who has been forgotten by most because injury prevented him from testing. Dominant in the OUA. Strong hands and frequently makes “wow” catches. Big contributor as a blocker and cover man on special teams. Could be higher on this lists if he could have tested.

10.   Tylor Henry, Alberta:


Versatile receiver who tested well above average in 5 of the 6 events. Excelled as a returner in college but has the downhill speed to be a good cover man at the next level.

11.   Mitch Hillis, Saskatchewan:


Solid possession receiver who tested about average and showed flashes in 1-on-1s. Fits the CFL slotback mold and is very consistent.

12.   Oumar Toure, Sherbrooke:


Anthony Auclair Lite. A natural tight end who will spend most of his time in the backfield in the CFL. Strong hands. Naturally aggressive blocker but technique will need to be refined.

13.   Dakota Brush, Mount Allison:


Big, thick receiver who is strong like a bull with the ball in his hands. Has the versatility to play as an H-back/full back if asked.

14.   Adam Adeboboye, York:

Electrifying with the ball in his hands. Showed his ability to shake and shimmy in 1-on-1s. Small stature and lack of strength makes me question his ability to contribute on special teams. Did not dominate at the USports level, albeit playing for a very weak team.


15.    Denzel Radford, Calgary:


Did not spend much time at receiver for Calgary. Excelled on special teams both as a returner and cover man. Tested exceptionally well showing great explosiveness and speed.


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