2017 CFL Draft Prospect Rankings: RBs

These rankings are assembled by combining my own subjective personal grade of each players on field talent, as seen on tape and in Combine 1-on-1, with a percentage grade of how high or below average their testing scores were based on position. The players are then ranked from highest to lowest.

Top 10 RBs in the 2017 Class

1.       Anthony Gosselin, Sherbrooke:


An absolute beast at fullback. Vicious blocker and bull strong. Will have a long career as a special teams demon and offensive lead blocker

2.       Johnny Augustine, Guelph:


A physical runner with a great jump cut. Can run routes as good as most receivers in this draft. Settled any concern about his pass pro skills with some vicious blocking at the Combine. I believe he is a legitimate starter down the road, similar to a Kienan LaFrance.

3.       Antre Milanovic-Litre, Simon Fraser:


A great multi tool back. Good enough blocker to play fullback but quick enough to play running back. Best attribute may be his ability to catch passes out of the backfield, a la Anthony Coombs.

4.       Sean Thomas-Erlington, Montreal:


Speedy back who plays his best football under pressure. Was pleasantly surprised with his strength and blocking skills at the Combine. Projects as a solid depth piece and special teamer

5.       Isaac Lauzon, Sherbrooke:


Very solid USports back in a run heavy conference. Tested well across the board. Will contribute on special teams as a blocker and cover man.

6.       Jonah Pataki, Queen’s:


Consistently one of USports’ top rusher throughout his career. Wowed with impressive explosion in the jump tests. Had some awful drops in 1-on-1s.

7.       Chivasiay Gallagher, Eastern New Mexico:


My favourite player who won’t get drafted. Weighs in at 5’5” and 179lbs. Started 2 games at running back and had over 500 all purpose yards and 3 TDs last year, plus 8 special teams tackles. He plays huge. His highlight tape is blow-up blocks and explosive tackles. Just works and never quits on a play.

8.       Ed Ilnicki, Alberta:


Inconsistent rusher who, when on, could dominate a USports game. Tested below average but I saw potential in the games I saw. Unlikely to get drafted.

9.       Alex Christie, Manitoba:


Decent runner who excels on special teams. Did a lot of different things at Manitoba. A utility player who could provide depth.

10.    Cameron Fox, Manitoba:


A more physical Alex Christie. Good special teams cover man but slow.

3 thoughts on “2017 CFL Draft Prospect Rankings: RBs

  1. I have really enjoyed the unbiased insights of your twitter, very refreshing to read.

    I have a few questions:
    1. Based on the combine results, do you expect the Herdman brothers to be risers fallers in the CFL draft? Do you expect his showing at the CFL combine to be the end Jordan’s NFL aspirations?

    2. What are Chris Mulumba’s NFL prospects? He has to be head and shoulders above all the other CFL draft LBs after his Maine pro day.

    3. Are you planning a mock draft? Really curious to know others opinions of how it will all shake out.


    • Thanks for the support Evan, it means a lot. I’m just finishing up my Linebacker rankings but I’ll spoil it to answer your questions.
      1. With his testing numbers, Jordan Herdman’s NFL hopes have to be almost dead, at least for now. The game tape doesn’t lie though and his Senior Bowl was exceptional so I see him as a CFL draft riser simply because his NFL hopes are mostly dashed. I think Justin will fall lower than anticipated because he was never as good on field as Jordan and can’t hide his poor testing as easily behind tape. Jordan is still my #2 LB because I think he can start eventually, but Justin fell to #6 for me because the tests don’t indicate an ability to play specials.
      2. Mulumba is my #1 linebacker by a mile. I think he could plug and play this year similar to Singleton last. Haven’t heard about a ton of NFL interest yet but his pro day showing could merit a UDFA offer.
      3. There will be a mock draft but not until after the NFL UDFAs sign. Hard to judge a draft order if you can’t place studs like Eli Ankou or Mulumba in an appropriate round.


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